SPSS Spearman Rho Korrelation

SPSS Spearman-Korrelation

The Spearman correlation, also called rank correlation, is a statistical method for measuring the strength and direction of a monotonic relationship between two variables. Unlike the Pearson correlation, which measures the linear relationship between variables, the Spearman correlation examines the monotonic relationship, which can also be described as non-linear. It is often used in social …

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SPSS Test normal distribution

SPSS Normalverteilung überprüfen

What is the normal distribution? The normal distribution, also known as the Gaussian normal distribution or bell curve, is an important distribution in statistics and occurs in many different applications. It describes a symmetrical distribution in which the data are distributed around a mean value (the arithmetic mean). The normal distribution has a characteristic course …

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SPSS Reliability analysis (Cronbach’s Alpha)

SPSS Reliabilitätsanalyse (Cronbach´s Alpha) Bild

Introduction Reliability analysis provides information on how reliable an analysis is. It describes the extent to which a procedure measures identically when performed repeatedly. If I run my experiment a second time, will comparable results come out? If the answer is “no” it means: we have a problem. Perfect reliability, on the other hand, means …

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SPSS Test Linearity

SPSS Linearität prüfen

Linearity in statistics An important requirement for performing calculations in SPSS is linearity between the dependent variable and the independent variables. Linearity states that the relationship between the variables is linear, meaning that the change in the dependent variable is proportional to the change in the independent variable. If linearity is not present, the results …

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